Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Only Way is Brentwood...

It's Tuesday, which can only mean one thing...the fashion bible has arrived on my doorstep! And, with an eager eye, each week I flick through Look Magazine to find out what new ensembles are hitting the highstreet stores, which celebs are hooking up with who, and which superstar looks I can emulate next! But, despite being all for a new frock on a Saturday night, I must confess to not feeling like a 'real girl'!

My idea of a beauty regime is dragging a cleansing wipe around my face, while my make-up bag essentials consists of a mascara and red lippy! Adding heels to a pair of jeans and sheer shirt is my take on weekend glam, and running my straighteners through my hair is about as adventurous as my barnet gets. (More like the only way is lazy!)

So, when my uber glam Essex friend asked if I fancied a night at the Sugar Hut, I both jumped at the chance, before recoiling and wondering what on Earth I would wear!
That afternoon I searched high and low down the whole of Colchester high street to try and seek out the perfect outfit. But, with two Topshop items in my hands, I couldn't decide which one was more fitting for the occasion. An emergency phone call to my mum later and I would soon be on my way to looking reem!

But, she wasn't in - and it was papa Treacy who answered! After offering his fashion advice and minutes of deliberation, I eventually purchased a monochrome playsuit to dance the night away in. (Probably the first and last time I will ever trust my dad's fashion sense!)
Now, I'm too scared of fake tan, so I stayed well clear - and while I attempted the false eyelashes, I ended up getting more glue on my fingers than on the spidery falsies and soon gave up! So, with lashings on mascara and the good old trusty - red lippy - the only way really was Essex.

And, it was everything I had hoped it would be! Fake boobs, fake tan and more sparkle than a Christmas Vajazzle! The guys (or boys) looked like they had barely hit puberty and needed to grow into their suits and the girl's hemlines were ever rising! But, the music was fantastic! The dj busted out some old school r&b and I soberly danced the night away to the likes of Jagged Edge, 112 and a little bit of Luther Vandross!

I might not be an Essex girl - but the Sugar Hut really was a reem experience!

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