Monday, 30 January 2012

Mother knows best...

This weekend was spent with some of my closest pals - enjoying a pub lunch in the countryside, exchanging light-hearted banter, hearing about my friend's new Victorian pad and gazing at the newest addition to our friendship group - baby Oscar!

But, it was when relaying my afternoon activities to mummy dearest, that it became apparent that I am ever increasingly becoming more and more like the most famous fictional singleton in modern history - but unlike Miss Jones, I keep a blog rather than a diary!

You know you're life has taken a turn for the sad and desperate when your mother is offering you fashion/dating advice on a Saturday night! "A nice pair of skinny jeans, with one of those tops with the Peter Pan collar and some ankle boots!"

And, just when I thought I'd side-stepped the cringe-factor - we popped up to Tesco for a few leafy greens and juicy fruits to kick start my new clean and lean diet - and not even two minutes through the doors and Mrs T has pointed out a potential suitor for her first born! And, after hovering over at the magazine stand and trying to persuade me to get in the queue so that I can "chat him up" - I looked more like a potential shop lifter than love interest! Red cheeks, flicking through various glossy titles and glancing over my shoulder at the tall, dark and handsome stranger - and to make matters worse, he was a policeman! So, I'm lucky I wasn't suspected of petty theft as well as sheer embarrassment!

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