Saturday, 7 January 2012

Music Makes The World Go Round...

One of my ultimate pet peeves has to be when a new friend or potential love interest asks what music you're into. Now, I'm sure most of us have an ecclectic selection of tunes spanning through the decades reflecting "who we were" at that time - filled with cool indie bands, deep and meaningful lyrics, power ballad divas, guilty pleasures and one-hit wonders. So, answering that redundant question always seems to me a little pointless, because the answer is of course "everything"!

However, at the same time I find it fascinating how people's musical tastes can be as revealing as their fashion sense and point of view. And, it was while engrossed in the latest X-Factor results show that I realised that I am more drawn to how I emotionally connect to the lyrics of a song rather than thinking about if the artist is a credible musician or what the hidden meaning behind the lyrics are.

I'm a fairly simple soul when it comes to how I'm feeling, and usually it doesn't even have to be articulated - it's normally written all over my face before I can even open my mouth! And, I'm not too different when it comes to the songs I listen to. If I'm feeling reflective and philosophical I will usually belt out a gut wrenching tear jerker, and if I'm feeling upbeat and positive then a bit of cheesy pop always hits the spot! I can't deny that sometimes there is nothing quite like the raspy tones of Caleb Followill's voice, especially when sat in a muddy field, complete with icey cold beer and straw trilby! But, likewise, I'm not ashamed to say that Kelly Clarkson is a clear favourite when I'm having guy-trouble and, nothing gets my booty shaking like some old-school RnB!

Now, I love getting up on my soapbox just as much as the next person (sometimes even more so) but I do find it to be a tiring existence to have to constantly prove a point. Sometimes, there is no rhyme nor reason behind it - sometimes you just can't help toe tapping and mouthing every word to One Direction's latest single! But, you don't automatically lose a bunch of brain cells just for bopping along to Mariah Carey, sometimes you just need a little light relief to cut off from the day-to-day stresses of life! So, whether you like cool and quirky, heavy rock, drum and base, smooth and soulful, dirty pop or a lil' bit of country - embrace what fills up your iPod (even the guilty pleasures!).

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