Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Final Frames...

Well, I didn't manage to complete the whole challenge, but I came pretty close - and, I unearthed a new passion!

Something I ate - Pauline makes a mean pancake
10am - My Sunday morning view in Cornard
Handwriting - My mum's famous quote
Blue and Green!
Fave Photo - The most peaceful place in the world
Button - Giant chocolate ones

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Picture Perfect...

The next batch of pictures for the February Photo Challenge...

Shoes - my gorgeous Topshop Allegra boots that my parents searched high and low for at Christmas

Stranger - The barman served me my drinks and posed for a pic at the same time!

Drink - A delicious glass of Merlot and my yeast-free alternative!

Phone - Suzie taking one for the team and getting dirty hands from a payphone!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Guilty Pleasure...

My ultimate guilty pleasure, without fail, has to be American Idol - for eleven seasons I've been glued to the cringey auditions, onto Hollywood week, through the brutal group round and on to the live shows.

I'm not even ashamed to admit that I own nearly every Kelly Clarkson album, I love belting out the rocking country sounds of Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats and I was thoroughly put out when Westlife (aka song stealers) covered the fabulous Daughtry song What About Now!

But, with a new season in full swing and my social life working around the audition stages - who will be the next American Idol? (said in a Ryan Seacrest style voice!)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Silence is golden...

Sometimes when your mouth can't articulate what you really want to say, the words flow better when pen's put to paper. With Valentine's hot on our heels, it's only natural to reminisce about first loves. And, whether good memories or bad, one way or another they play on our minds. And, while I tried to forget my first love, I rediscovered another - writing. So, while I may not have had a teen love affair like Noah and Ali (ala the Notebook), a greater love for jotting down what I couldn't speak was born out of what seemed like a hopeless situation...

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

And not a sound.

Knife in her back, gun at her head,

Thoughts tumbling all around.

A tortured soul aggressive in tone,

The silence thrown to the ground.

Burning hatred looks in her eyes,

To that unspoken world she is bound.

Smiling at pain she’s caused herself,

Dwells in the hole that she’s found.

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

Uttering broken words.

Slapped into reality,

Her grammar blurred.

She picks herself up,

Her sentences absurd.

In mind she’s fluent,

A language never to be heard.

Longs to sing what breaks her heart,

But silence is always preferred.

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

A terrified woman hides inside.

Six years later and past experiences aside, it's a struggle to keep me quiet rather than get me to open up! My first love may have broken my heart, but my true love has captured my soul.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snap Happy...

My trusty camera and I have taken to this February photo challenge like a duck to water...

Words - I have this sign up in my house, but never a true word 
when you live on your own - I may live in my own house, but every weekend I come home!

Heart - pretty, complicated and intertwined 

Hands - still holding hands after 35 years together!

Time - stops for no-one

My view today - Sudbury with a dusting of snow

Front door - admiring the paint job of Handy Andy

Night time - minus 12 and freezing!

Things that make me happy - come rain or shine, good mood or bad, 
Evie dog never fails to make me smile

Something new - bedtime reading to get stuck in to

Dinner - you can't beat a home-made Sunday roast

Sun - struggling through the clouds over Friars Meadows

Self portrait - enough said!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dress Your Mate To Get A Date (pt 3)...

This Wednesday afternoon I felt like a true lady of leisure! Working in the morning and then a spot of window shopping (well, actual shopping) at lunchtime, before heading off for a relaxing spa treatment. I treated myself to my first ever reflexology session - where I must say, you are never too old to have someone wash and massage your feet for you! And, after discovering that I had "tight ovaries" and "crunchy lungs" I decided that an evening of retail therapy was just the ticket!

So, Zozee and I hopped on a train to Stratford and headed towards the bright lights of Westfield shopping centre to splurge our hard earned pennies in high end establishments like Primarni! And, the power was in her hands as she had full reign over my next fashion purchase. A pair of £11 skinnys and a spotty shirt later and I was set for my next Friday night!

But, disappointingly, our most expensive extravagance was on dinner that evening! And, after trawling the food court and spending a good ten minutes debating whether to have Mexican, Thai or good old bangers and mash, we finally decided that spring rolls, noodles and crispy duck would tickle our taste buds that evening!

And, while I was content with my purchases from Primark, I had set my sights on a dress from Topshop. Not wanting to seem greedy, we decided to plan my next outfit around the little t-shirt dress. Ever the fashionista, Zozee suggested putting it with my new chelsea boots, her leather jacket and my latest accessory obsession - a pork pie hat! So, when my next pay packet rocks around, I'll be investing in this staple piece and putting it to the test!

Live, Love, Dance...

I may not be the most elegant mover and groover, but oh boy, does it make me happy! 

The toe-tapping beats blast out and the Lola the showgirl in me can't help but break free...

Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Live, love, sing...

Some songs you can't help but just sing your little heart out to...

One Hit Wonders!

1. Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go
2. Layo and Bushwacka - Love Story
3. Charles and Eddie - Would I Lie To You
4. Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up

Dirty Pop!

1. Craig David - 7 Days
2. Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
3. Beyonce - Green Light
4. TQ - Bye Bye Baby

The Noughties!

1. Kings Of Leon - Fans
2. Kate Nash - Foundations
3. Katy B - Broken Record
4. Ed Sheeran - Drunk

Pure R'n'B

1. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much
2. Lauren Hill - The Ex Factor
3. En Vogue - Free Your Mind
4. Boyz II Men - Fallin'