Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Let's get crafting...

I'm currently on my second attempt at reading JoJo Moyes' Me Before You and this time around I just can't put it down. The main characters, Louisa and Will, are slowly become more civil towards each other and when Will asks Louisa what her hobbies are, she can't answer him - as she doesn't have any! And, this notion really struck a chord with me.

 Apart from the occasional Zumba class, my spare time is mainly filled with the latest celeb gossip from the Daily Mail and catching up on all my favourite TV programmes! But, now that all of my fave story lines are coming to a close, I figured it was time to actually start doing, rather than watching the make-believe lives of others!

So, I've decided to try my hand a bit of jewellery making this summer, so this weekend I'll be shopping for beads, gems and charms and putting my new hobby into practise.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Friends Reunited...

Not many people can say that they are still in touch with the majority of their school friends, let alone still regard them as some of the nearest and dearest - but, I am lucky enough to be able to say just that! And, while we've all grown up together since primary school, we're all now celebrating each others first house purchases, career achievements, marriages and even children - and, it was with great pleasure that I attended my good friend Baz's (David) son's first birthday party!

We spent the afternoon listening to "Raggy Dolls" and Thomas the Tank Engine, watching a montage of baby Oscar's first year and enjoying an incredible buffet! Two plates of pasta, cheese straws, sausage rolls and quiche, and it was time for the birthday boy to take centre stage and blow out his candles! After some emotional speeches, and with the whole room welling up, we all toasted baby Barrett's birthday.

With a full belly, and listening to the best of Billie Piper blaring out of Adam's car, the rest of the gang headed back to Adam's gaff for Pimms and trampolining! Of course, having an injured foot from my midnight marathon the week before, I just observed the jumping action and guzzled down my fruity tipple.

Once we'd had our fill of bouncing and waving to the Sudbury train (like modern day railway children - Dave waving his red jumper in the air to welcome the people arriving to the town!), we decided to take an adventure across the countryside and walk towards Henny for an evening drink. Three gin and tonics later and we were well and truly in the party spirit - making our way into town for a few more bevvies!

As always, it was a night of cheesy music, giggles and shocking revelations about Adam's unhealthy amount of love for Olly Murs!

One bag of chips, one set of hiccups and one short walk home and we were all tucked up in bed to get some shut eye before having afternoon tea the following day to welcome home our good friend Graeme who has spent the last four years down under.

We all agreed, that we feel incredibly lucky to have such great pals - even if we spend most of our time reminiscing about the last fifteen years!

Who do you think you are...

One of my ultimate guilty pleasures has to be the TV programme Who Do You Think You Are, and I watch eagerly as the celebrities trace their family trees and discover all about their distant relatives.

 So, I decided to do a bit of ancestry digging on my own family and after researching back to the 1800s, I discovered that I have many, many relations called Charles and Thomas. But, the most incredible find so far, is that I have a great, great, great granny called Fanny Bush - you just couldn't write it!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things to do before 30...

With only two and a half years until the next big milestone, there's a few things I'd like to tick off my bucket list before then:

These are just a few of the big achievements I want to do while I'm young, free and single - but, I've also decided to be a bit more of a "yes woman" this year - so, let me know what else I should give a go before the big 3,0!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My midnight stroll...

After months of training, starting off with a simple 5k walk around the Suffolk countryside, and finishing with two 13-mile stomps back-to-back, it was finally time to tackle the big one - the MoonWalk!

I headed down to London bright and early Saturday morning to have a relaxing afternoon with my sister. Kicking things off with a hearty bowl of porridge and stretching our legs with a mid-day wander around North London. We tucked into cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels from a local food market, and treated ourselves to some homemade flapjacks and vanilla fudge for during our epic challenge later that night.

The race prep was still ongoing when we got home, whipping up a protein packed chilli with sweet potato wedges to keep us fully fuelled throughout our event. And, we even got time to watch The Voice before we headed on over to Hyde Park!

Bum bags at the ready, we hopped on a tube and followed the crowds of pink feather boas and decorated bras towards the huge fuchsia tent in Central London. We made our way to the media tent and slipped into our fetching walking gear, before settling down for a few hours in the rock and roll diner. We munched on corndogs, mocktails, and mini pecan pies while we geared up for the long night ahead.

It wasn't long before midnight rocked around and we were lined up at the starting line. As the clock counted down it was time to put all that hard work into practise.

Five miles in and we were making good time, with 15-minute miles under our belts. But, with a lot of stop-starting across the main roads, it wasn't long until the niggling pains started setting in. So, to keep our spirits up, Laura and I came up with various games to keep us amused and distracted from any discomfort. By mile 13 we were losing momentum - it was cold and we were tired. But, one toilet stop, two painkillers and a few snacks later, we were back on track stomping across the Embankment.

However, I wasn't prepared for what mile 18 had in store! It was now 6am and I'd become slightly delirious - replying only "yes" to anything Laura was asking me. We'd waited to put our playlist on for when we really needed it, and Laura decided that now was that time! A couple of bites of a banana, a sip of water and the amazing one hit wonder by Charles and Eddie blasting into our ears, and we were singing into our water bottles and picking up the pace.

Our feet were really starting to hurt by the time we'd reached the 20-mile marker, but Laura was outstanding at keeping the mood light and the conversation flowing. I felt pretty good up until mile 25 - and with just one and a bit left to go, I'd finally started to flag. I was almost ready to rest my tired limbs, but Laura encouraged me to go just a stretch further to cross that finish line.

Over the hill I could see the pink balloons calling, willing me on to the end. Holding each others hands, team Treacy shuffled the last half a mile to be met by crowds of cheers. After eight hours of continuous walking, we'd finally made it to the end and received our MoonWalk medals! It wasn't long before I collapsed to the ground, pulled off my trainers and curled up in a ball, not wanting to be moved for the rest of the day!

But, it was on to Essex to celebrate our Aunt's 70th birthday and a day of socialising with the family. And, by the end of the evening, and having not slept for over 24 hours I'd gone a little mad - a twitchy leg and strange whimpers aside, I couldn't wait to roll into bed and rest my exhausted body!

It was an amazing challenge, one that I doubted I could complete, but we learnt just how much time we waste sleeping! We managed to raise a lot of money for Breast Cancer Care and discovered what we were capable of when we put our minds to the test!