Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snap Happy...

My trusty camera and I have taken to this February photo challenge like a duck to water...

Words - I have this sign up in my house, but never a true word 
when you live on your own - I may live in my own house, but every weekend I come home!

Heart - pretty, complicated and intertwined 

Hands - still holding hands after 35 years together!

Time - stops for no-one

My view today - Sudbury with a dusting of snow

Front door - admiring the paint job of Handy Andy

Night time - minus 12 and freezing!

Things that make me happy - come rain or shine, good mood or bad, 
Evie dog never fails to make me smile

Something new - bedtime reading to get stuck in to

Dinner - you can't beat a home-made Sunday roast

Sun - struggling through the clouds over Friars Meadows

Self portrait - enough said!

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