Monday, 13 February 2012

Silence is golden...

Sometimes when your mouth can't articulate what you really want to say, the words flow better when pen's put to paper. With Valentine's hot on our heels, it's only natural to reminisce about first loves. And, whether good memories or bad, one way or another they play on our minds. And, while I tried to forget my first love, I rediscovered another - writing. So, while I may not have had a teen love affair like Noah and Ali (ala the Notebook), a greater love for jotting down what I couldn't speak was born out of what seemed like a hopeless situation...

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

And not a sound.

Knife in her back, gun at her head,

Thoughts tumbling all around.

A tortured soul aggressive in tone,

The silence thrown to the ground.

Burning hatred looks in her eyes,

To that unspoken world she is bound.

Smiling at pain she’s caused herself,

Dwells in the hole that she’s found.

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

Uttering broken words.

Slapped into reality,

Her grammar blurred.

She picks herself up,

Her sentences absurd.

In mind she’s fluent,

A language never to be heard.

Longs to sing what breaks her heart,

But silence is always preferred.

Hands tied, mouth open wide,

A terrified woman hides inside.

Six years later and past experiences aside, it's a struggle to keep me quiet rather than get me to open up! My first love may have broken my heart, but my true love has captured my soul.

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