Sunday, 22 January 2012

Easy like a Sunday morning...

Curled up by the fire, watching Jumanji and licking the cake mixture from the bowl...nothing much has changed in twenty years!

Classic movies from the '80s and munching on home-made cupcakes with copious amounts of tea, brings back warming memories of childhood weekends. Give me a basketball, a pavement and a street full of my classmates, and a simple, but fantastically fun game of curby was born! Without wanting to sound like my parents, "in my day" it seemed to be a much simpler time for children. 

  Without getting up on my soapbox and preaching, it is all too apparent that kids are growing up in a very adult world. I grew up in an era where GHDs weren't invented, broadband was better known as dial up and sportswear and gold chains were thought of as fashionable rather than chavvy! A time when kids could just be kids!

And, I feel sorry for the children of the noughties who parade adult outfits and tiny faces full of slap down the street, giggling over text messages on iPhones and discussing the latest Paranormal Activity films. It's no wonder that teachers are having to deal with tiny tots swearing and adolescent children using grown-up language in the correct context. 

So, I feel lucky that my Sunday morning memories are made up of feel-good films, home-baked goodies and Ellesse tracksuits, rather than consumed with the latest gadgets, fashions and over 18 movies, just to impress your friends. 

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