Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dress your mate to get a date...

First dates, first loves and first break-ups - compare notes with your girlfriends and you've probably all ticked every cliche to ever grace a chick flic! And, I too, am guilty of ticking such boxes when it comes to relationships. After a heart-wrenching first break-up, I went through all the motions; copious amounts of alcohol, jumped into bed with the next guy to show an interest, got a "make-over" and had an emotional melt down three months down the line! So, it was after the failure of my second relationship that I decided not to let history repeat itself. 

This time, I was off men for good (well for a while at least!) and after feeling let down by all of man kind, I seemed to don a "piss off and don't talk to me" look with every outfit. It was then that I realised I needed some time out to work on my relationship with myself before I took my bag of past issues into the next relationship.

But, after 18 months of soul searching I was finally ready to mingle again! Yet, I'd noticed over the past year and half I had not been getting any attention - not even a wink! My usual ensemble of ditsy tea dress and brogues was clearly not working in my favour! So, I decided to make the my fashionista sister to ask for her styling advice. I no longer wanted to look "nice" - nice doesn't get you noticed - but looking "hot" is not a look I feel entirely comfortable with. So, once my outfit, hair style and make-up had all been selected I felt a strange wave of confidence knowing that I could only wear this on my next night out.
The big day soon rocked around, and I slipped into my leather-look leggings, white shirt and killer heels. Hair tousled and barely-there make-up and I was ready to hit the town! And, it wasn't long before my winning outfit started working it's magic. I noticed him straight away, across the crowded bar and we instantly hit it off - talking (or, shouting information) at each other over the blaring music - and awkwardly exchanging details before tottering off home.

And, it wasn't long before "Mr pink shirt and glasses" had asked me out on a date. A date! Finally, after 18 months of waiting out the dating game, I had succeeded with the first outfit. Nervous, but excited I headed out for what seemed like a relaxed and enjoyable evening - having a lot in common the conversation flowed all night - until it was time to go home and exchange awkward goodbyes and a peck on the cheek (it's no end of date snog, but a step in the right direction!) I felt positive about the possibility of going on a second date...but the chemistry seemed to fizzle rather than sizzle quite quickly after that. After a short wave of disappointment, I decided to put this one down to experience - I was back on the dating horse again afterall!

So, it's on to the next outfit - who will be brave enough to pick my next one?

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