Saturday, 7 January 2012

Older, but clearly not wiser...

As everyone else is on the countdown to Christmas, each year I make myself giddy over my festive birthday (9 days before, don't you know!) and I indulge in excessive amounts of food, drink and presents during the last week of December. And, this year was no different! After heading back to stay with the parents the night before the big day, I (or rather my mum) spent the evening making birthday butterfly cakes to take into work the next day. All four of us piled onto the bed early that morning, to open cards and presents alike, while listening to the broad Irish tones of my nan's singing voice on speakerphone, as she belted out Happy Birthday at 7am!
I arrived early to work to be greeted with my desk decorated in banners, balloons and streamers! I whipped out the butter-cream cakes and relished the chance to soak up the birthday wishes! But, it was press day, so it was back to business in no time - but the comments in my card did not go unnoticed - somehow, I'd become known for my drinking and dancing antics outside of the office!

Now, I did wonder how I had acquired this reputation, that was until we ventured out for birthday drinks later that evening...

Having a birthday the week before Christmas can be tiresome and tricky to arrange a night out at the best of times (everyone is normally ill, skint or busy) - but being the last Friday before the festive period, every man and his dog was out for their yuletide meal, so we were lucky to find a seat, let alone a bite to eat! So, three hours of drinking later, we finally managed to get our hands on some nibbles in an attempt to soak up the copious amount of wine already consumed. But, my vision was already hazy, and my speech becoming slightly slurred, and it wasn't long before I was up and dancing to my favourite Mariah Christmas tunes, before having a few random tears on the Dirty Penguin dance floor, and later fooling a bouncer into letting me into a closed club! I don't quite remember the rest - but what I do know, is that my body rejected that night for the next four days! 

After a slow, painful and emotional recovery - I made my way to Winter Wonderland and to watch the Nutcracker, for a sufficient helping of festive cheer!

It was a lovely weekend, showered with thoughtful gifts and wonderful friends - but also a reality check, that no longer a teenage, I can't quite get away with such extravagant booze-ups! So, perhaps, when 28 rocks around, I'll just stick to a civilised dinner party, rather than beer goggles for one on North Hill in the early hours!

Once again, one year older, but clearly not wiser!

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