Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spot the difference...

The idea of individuality is drummed into us in all aspects of our lives, especially that of our personal fashion style. So, turning up to work or an event and discovering one of your pals is sporting the same frock can often leave you feeling embarrassed, frustrated or even flattered. Whether it's friendly intuition, similar styles or pure coincidence that led you to pick the same ensemble, you're better off just rolling with it, rather than winding yourself up with the "I should have chosen that red blouse instead" thought process that you may naturally reach for upon first sight of your fashion double.

Me on the other hand, I'm not too bothered about who wore it best, but I feel safe in the knowledge that my friends like what I'm wearing - because they are wearing it too! I'm all for individuality, but there's something quite comforting about having a similar style to your closest girlfriends, as it confirms your own beliefs that you're on the right track in the fashion stakes.

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