Saturday, 24 March 2012

Luck of the Irish...

With a strong Irish background, St Paddy's Day is always big in our household, and this year was no different! So, on the 13th March, in memory of my Irish grandad's birthday, we headed down to the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the Dubliner's 50th anniversary. But, it wasn't without drama - I rushed from work to catch an early train and stacked it right across the pavement, winding myself and scratching my phone. I was then so shaken by the time I got on, I asked for a single instead of a return and ended up forking out double for my journey! Then, after an hour in the cab from Liverpool Street, our cabbie somehow managed to get lost somewhere around Hyde Park, and we arrived ten minutes late to the concert. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, but when we rushed through the doors and up the stairs, we soon realised why we weren't allowed in during their performance - we were so close to the front, we were practically on stage with them! But, a few glasses of wine and pint of Guinness later, we were in full swing of The Irish Rover and Whiskey In The Jar! And, my excited dad was beside himself when he met one of the singers after the show - he was like a teenage girl meeting Harry Styles!

Then, it was on to the real celebrations on Saturday! I took mum out for early Mother's Day manicures and then we met the Treacy clan down at the Mill Hotel. Sipping my lime and soda water I noticed something cute and fluffy out of the corner of my eye - an 11-week old puppy! I didn't know the owner, but we all had cuddles with little Buster! 

Later that evening it was on to Sudbury Town to catch up with my pals. It was a night of jokes, giggling, exchanging mutual appreciation of One Direction, and escaping the God awful smells coming from Andy Jones! And, I got a "last resort" marriage proposal, too - if Adam doesn't find anyone better in the next five years, I'm in!

This weekend has been a little on the quiet side in comparison. I've discovered Pinterest, which, in a matter of hours I've become addicted to! And, mum and I added a little glamour to our weekly walk. So, instead of shaking my booty to old school r&b, this week I'll be settling down to watch the Voice in my pyjamas - rock and roll!

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