Sunday, 4 March 2012

Family bonding...

In a bid to spend some quality time together, the Treacys decided to have a little brainstorm and come up with some group activities to embark on. After a few suggestions, we discovered that horse-riding was out of the question, as dad is allergic and badminton was definitely off the cards since the last time we went, my own team mate (mum) smacked me around the head with her racket in order to make the shot! Ouch!

So, after much deliberation, we finally agreed on heading to the local bowling alley and really get into the swing of things on a Friday night. And, it wasn't long until word got around, and the Pengelly's had jumped on the bowling bandwagon. I wasn't sure if it would be a giggle or a challenge, with a competitive dad already claiming that he'd be using his left hand for the game to spice things up! And, after three rounds of nil points and feeling quite at home in the gutter, I finally started upping my game and competing with the big boys! Three games later and my team mates were complaining of aching butt cheeks and strained arms, so we called it at night, with the prospect of a 'Trengelly' trophy spurring us on for the next match.

The next day, we were heading into the heart of Romford for a surprise baby shower. With only a month to go until her due date, the shock of twenty people shouting "surprise" at you, might not have been the brightest idea - but luckily Kate's waters stayed in tact for another day!

The day was filled with red velvet cupcakes decorated in baby bottle candles, pin the dummy on the baby, guess what's in the nappy and taste what's in the jar games. Followed by present opening, buffet and copious amounts of tea.

Luckily, I was able to burn off all those extra calories with a 10k walk on Sunday, in preparation for the MoonWalk in May! By which time, there will be a new addition to the family and hopefully, a new trophy to my name, too!

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