Sunday, 1 July 2012

Viva Forever...

When I think of the 90s, apart from sportswear and sovereign rings being in fashion, there are two words that spring to mind - girl power! Most girls who grew up in that era will have at some point (whether they admit it or not) been in a Spice Girl tribute band, and I was no exception. Of course, I was always Vicky B - I had the point and pout perfected!

And, with the very exciting news of Spice Girls the musical hitting the stage at the end of the year, a flurry of 20-something-year-olds are secretly digging out their Buffalo boots (I had a turquoise and grey pair) and playing Wannabe on their iPods! What's more, there's also talk of Spice Girls the movie gracing the big screen as well! No, not the awful 1997 car crash of a film, but a brand spanking new block buster to spice up your life! In a recent interview the girls were asked who they'd like to play them in the movie, with Geri replying that Cameron Diaz would be her first choice, while Posh Spice was as modest as usual, claiming that Angelina Jolie would be the ideal pick to perfect the pout!

So, over dinner we played the age old classic "who would play you in the movie of your life" game! Of course, Laura wanted an Olsen sister to play her, mum got given Rachel Weisz and my poor dad got lumbered with Tom Cruise! I was fairly happy with my first choice of Emily Blunt, before my mum added that she thought I had a touch of J-Lo in me, too - while Laura chimed in, "that'd be your ass then!" Cheers sis!

And, while I wait with anticipation to get the call that Emily or Jennifer are planning to play me in my life story, I will, instead, settle for seeing Viva Forever at the West End this winter.

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