Sunday, 2 September 2012

A pinch and a punch...

Well it's not actually the first of the month, but somehow, and I don't quite now when this happened, but September crept up on us as if from nowhere!

While I can still class the past week as "summer", I spent it by:

Supporting: Team GB in the paralympics - after being glued to most of the Olympics throughout July (and boring friends and family by producing a copy of Bodyfit every time I watched an athlete I'd had the pleasure of interviewing) I am now curing my POD (Post Olympics Depression) with the next instalment of sporting events. It was emotional viewing to watch Ellie Simmonds smash a world record and take gold in the 400m swimming, and inspirational to watch the men's 4x100 relay in the pool. I definitely won't be making any more excuses the next time it comes to exercise!

Watching: The Expendables 2 (reluctantly)! I can't say I was exactly looking forward to seeing a group of middle-aged men nearing retirement pretend to play "action men" for a couple of hours, in the most self indulgent film I've seen in some time - but, due to my low expectations of the movie, it turned out to be far more watchable than I'd anticipated! This was mainly down to the presence of Liam Hemsworth, which was a treat for the eyes, until he got brutally killed off half way through and I had to focus on the semi-funny one-liners and the fact that Sly, Arnie and Jean-Claude have all had more cosmetic surgery than Jackie Stallone!

To regain some femininity, I decided to watch The Vow - probably a mistake to do so when hormonal and home alone! A tale of true love that, despite the odds, comes back around for a second chance at happiness. But, the most heart breaking part of this true-life story is that Paige never regains her memory of their time together, while Leo has to live with the fact that he has already been married to his wife, has loved her and been loved by her - but he carries these memories alone.

Cooking: My sister and I decided to cook our parents a special meal to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. While dancing around the kitchen to Luther Vandross and taking to our cooking stations, we whipped up a storm, creating a feast of bruschetta, chicken and spinach risotto, and profiteroles to finish! I think we were both surprised with how well it actually turned out, and I think it was fair to say that the clean plates spoke for themselves!

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